What I Did With (Almost) Everything I Learned

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Do you know what I did with 10 years of professionally learning art and illustration?

Probably like yourself, I've been drawing since I can remember. This has always been an interest of mine, one of my favorite hobbies. I realized this could actually be my profession kind of late - I was already in college!

When I started sharing my art on Instagram, I had some following, it was cool. But when I decided to share my tips on drawing, illustration, character design, in 2016, my account really started growing!


I believe that giving back to the world what you take in is an important habit to have. You feel good for sharing, people learn from it. The community becomes rich with information and different ways of doing things. It's a win-win deal!

When I decided to share those tips, that were things that helped me in my journey, I would never imagine that they would come together to become a book. And that would be launched on my first time exhibiting at CCXP (the Brazilian Comic-Con).

And if Volume 1 wasn't enough, I released a Volume 2 on that same event in 2017.


Quick Tip Monday - Complete Edition


Quick Tip Monday - Complete Edition is not just a book, but a collection of precious information that will help you develop your skills in a way that you might have not thought before. Sometimes just a tweak can make your character really pop and look alive. 

The Complete Edition is Volume 1 and 2 combined in one single book.

Hop in this journey with me, and after days, weeks, months of using the book, let me know how much these tips helped you solve issues in your pieces and challenge your learning.

 And after that, why not share this knowledge on social media? Don't forget to tag me and/ or use the hashtag #qtmstudies so I can see your studies.

With love,